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helps low-income families live successfully in "Opportunity Neighborhoods" that offer access to better schools and employment, with less exposure to crime, and better amenities such as transportation, recreational facilities and shopping — all of which can add up to a big overall opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.

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New Optimism for Her Kids Motivates Mom to Find Work

Michelle Starks doesn't need a statistician to tell her things have changed for her and her family since they left their former public housing complex in Baltimore’s Cherry Hill Homes, a sprawling complex of more than 1,500 public housing units, for a home in Harford County's Bel Air community. She joined the mobility program because she "wanted more for my kids," who are ages 9, 8, and 3 years old. Now that she has moved, she says she feels more motivated, noting that although she was unemployed when she lived in Cherry Hill, she has obtained a job as a cashier in a "big box" retail store less than a mile from her new home. She is involved in the PTA at her children’s new school in Bel Air and says she is optimistic for her children, who are doing better in school.
"Living in the projects you feel like you’re stuck," she explains. "You do what you gotta do for your kids regardless. I wanted to get out so bad, I just couldn’t do it by myself."

Julian Castro Should Visit Baltimore on the Way to His New HUD Secretary Desk

As incoming HUD secretary, Castro could look to Baltimore for an example of how a successful housing program can help U.S. cities overcome economic and racial segregation, reports Next City. More information can be found here:



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