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helps low-income families live successfully in "Opportunity Neighborhoods" that offer access to better schools and employment, with less exposure to crime, and better amenities such as transportation, recreational facilities and shopping — all of which can add up to a big overall opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.

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Family of Four Boys Reach Their Potential in Suburban Schools

Candice Brown may have moved her family to Columbia in Howard County just in time. Brown’s second eldest was doing well academically in his city middle school but had begun to misbehave and to hang out with "the wrong type of kids," she says. When they moved and he had to start high school in a new community, he had a hard time, but Brown found him a counselor and a tutor and now, age 15 and in the 10th grade, he is doing well, she says. Her two youngest boys, one of whom had problems in his city elementary school, are both doing well and in higher level classes in their Columbia elementary school. Her youngest, who is 9, is in the school choir, and her other boy, 10, plays drums in the band. Her oldest son, who failed 9th grade in a city high school, is on track to graduate from high school and wants to go to college. Brown, who works as a retail clerk at a big box store in Columbia did not attend college herself but is determined to help him reach that goal.

HABC to Open HCV Waiting List

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City is taking preliminary applications for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. For a chance to be placed on the waiting list, you must go online to between October 22 and October 30, 2014. IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants to the Baltimore Mobility Program ARE NOT automatically placed on the HABC waiting list. To be placed on the HABC waiting list, you must apply at

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